National Park Activities

One of the reasons that makes the Taman Negara, National Park Malaysia as among the best places to visit to by the local and foreign tourists is due to the variety of activities and ecotourism.

There you are, with your family standing across the waterfall, where the water is cool, crystal clear that you can see the rocks and sand on the riverbed.

The spacious open spaces allow you to spread your checkered red and white picnic mat, with the delicious foods and drinks, to be enjoyed with children before they head into the river.

Rapid Shooting + Aboriginal Village Visit


Time : 10:00am/06:00pm
Min : 4 Persons
Durations : 1 Hours
Price : RM 80.00 /pax
Include : Boat, life jacket

Lubuk Tenor Ikan Santuary + Lata Berkoh

Thousands of fish

Time : 09:30am/02:30pm
Min : 4 Persons
Durations : 2-3 Hours
Price : RM 240 /boat
Include : Boat, life jacket,
transport to jetty, Kelah fish

Night Walking

Night stories of Animal

Time : 08:30pm
Min : 4 Persons
Durations : 1-2 Hours
Price : RM 45.00 /pax
Include : Guide, transport to

Jungle Trekking + Canopy Walkway

see the jungle from sky

Time : 09:30am
Min : 4 Persons
Durations : 4 Hours
Price : RM 50.00 /pax
Include : Guide, Canopy
Fee, transport to jetty (closed at
3.00am. Friday also close)

Night Safari

4x4 experience at night

Time : 08:30pm
Min : 4 Persons
Durations : 2 Hours
Price : RM 50.00 /pax
Include : Guide, 4x4

Night River Safari

Nightlife of animal near river

Time : 08:30pm
Min : 4 Persons
Durations : 2 Hours
Price : RM 80 /pax
Include : Guide,
Boat, life jacket, transfer to